How charitable of them. It is Christmas time, after all.

FOX News reported.

University of Maine says candy cane ban a ‘misunderstanding’

The University of Maine will allow the halls to be decked with candy canes, after all.

After an administrator sent out an e-mail to employees telling them “religious-themed” decorations — which he said included the peppermint confections — could not be placed in common areas on campus, students went into an uproar. And they got their Christmas wish.

School officials told that the incident was a misunderstanding and that the e-mail was sent out by a supervisor after a student had voiced concern over Christmas decorations in a dining hall and a lack of decorations for holidays of other religious faiths.

“We are not the Grinches of Maine, Dean of Students Robert Dana told “It was a big misunderstanding. The e-mail was in response to an issue a student had raised. His intent was to be inclusive.”