The fact that this is big news says much about the state of higher education in America today.

Eric Owens of the Daily Caller reports.

CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! Public Liberal Arts College In Maryland Invites Republican To Speak At MLK Breakfast

Proving that Christmas is, indeed, a time of inexplicable miracles, a public honors college in Maryland — Maryland — announced this week that former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele will give the keynote address for its 2015 Martin Luther King, Jr. Prayer Breakfast.

Steele will speak on Jan. 19 at the Annual Southern Maryland Martin Luther King, Jr., Prayer Breakfast on the small, bucolic waterfront campus of St. Mary’s College of Maryland — about 90 slow miles from Baltimore.

In addition to Steele’s speech, there will be entertainment provided by the First Missionary Baptist Church Youth Choir and the Spring Ridge Middle School Rhythm Club.

Steele’s keynote speech and the rest of the program are free to attend. The actual breakfast part of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Prayer Breakfast will cost attendees $10.