Apparently, without a free place to hang their coat, there’s a significant risk of “young women freezing to death.”

Dave Huber at The College Fix has the story:

Oxford complaint: Cloakrooms should be free because hypothermia (or something)

The title possibly says it all: “Cloakrooms should be free to stop young women freezing to death.”

Got that? That’s somehow the only choice female Oxford students have when going out to party during the winter months: If club cloakrooms aren’t gratis, then girls won’t wear coats. And so they’ll freeze.

The Spectator (UK) reports:

As I wiggled into my tights in preparation for an end-of-term night out, I was faced with the perennial clubbing question: should I take a coat?

Logic, and my mum, would say the answer was obvious. My outfit was hardly cosy, and a tipsy walk home at2am in December is an adventure best braved from within my wardrobe’s most wind-proof, water-proof and fur-lined offering.

But the question wasn’t just one of insulation – I had a financial decision to make. The cloakrooms at most Oxford clubs cost between one and two pounds: what did I want more, healthy circulation or a Jägerbomb?