Classy. Some of them even had signs that said not to politicize rape. Hello?

Derek Draplin of the College Fix reported.

Angry protesters denounce George Will at MSU; called ‘rape denier,’ backs turned

EAST LANSING – Conservative columnist George Will faced major opposition Saturday as a commencement speaker at Michigan State University, where he was met with a large protest outside campus – and some grads and family members who turned their backs to him during the ceremony inside Breslin Center.

The public university also held an “alternative ceremony” for those too upset to hear the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist speak, a Saturday event in which a total of five grads took part.

Will, who once taught in the James Madison Program at Michigan State, is under fire by some college students and feminists for a June column that suggested universities have made “victimhood a coveted status that confers privilege,” questioned stats that one in five college women have been sexually assaulted or raped, and voiced concern that due process rights for the accused have been eroded.

As a result, Will’s speech at the all-women’s Scripps College was cancelled earlier this year, and he faced another raucous protest when he gave an address in October at Miami University in Ohio.

Will did not bring up the controversy surrounding him during his commencement address, which was met with wide applause. Instead, he spoke on the role of government and the current divisive political climate between liberals and conservatives.

But during his speech, multiple students and even some family members stood with their backs toward Will. Many students also donned “Title IX” and “It’s On You MSU” stickers on graduation caps in protest. Meanwhile, protesters outside the event held signs stating “rape is not a pawn to be politicized” and “rape is not a privilege,” among other phrases.