Call me a skeptic but I suspect this was done by students who want to keep stoking the protests happening at the school.

Peter Holley reports at the Washington Post.

Berkeley students find cardboard cutouts of black lynching victims hanging on campus

Students at the University of California at Berkeley awoke Saturday morning to find three cardboard cutouts of lynching victims hanging from nooses on campus and from a nearby tree, according to reports.

The effigies — two of which hung from Sather Gate — included the names of historical lynching victims and the dates of their death, and at least one of the cutouts had “I Can’t Breathe” printed on the front, according to the Associated Press.

That slogan, which has become the national rallying cry for demonstrators protesting Eric Garner’s recent death at the hands of New York police, led many to conclude that the effigies were linked to an off-campus demonstration that took place Saturday against police brutality.

Regardless of their intent, the effigies arrived during a week of heightened racial tensions. Last week the FBI agreed to join an investigation into the death of a black North Carolina teen who was found hanging from a swing set in a majority-white neighborhood in August.