The students are part of the school’s Lacrosse team. Isn’t Lacrosse based on a Native American sport?

CBS 13 WGME reported.

Bowdoin College to discipline student athletes for dressing in Native American costumes

Fourteen student-athletes at Bowdoin College are facing disciplinary action after they dressed up as Native Americans for a Thanksgiving party.

Tim Foster, dean of student affairs, sent an e-mail to the entire campus on Tuesday night, explaining the incident, and announcing the school’s action.

Foster said the annual party hosted by the men’s lacrosse team is known as “Cracksgiving.” The invitation encouraged guests to dress up at pilgrims and Native Americans.

“There’s definitely an honor code and that definitely breaks it,” said sophomore student Connor More.

Foster said the party happened at the so-called “Crack House,” an off-campus property rented by members of the lacrosse team.

School officials and the lacrosse coach declined to comment, instead deferring to Foster’s e-mail.

He said, “Bowdoin will not condone or tolerate behavior that divides our community and denigrates others.”

According to Foster, a similar party last year prompted a series of campus events educating students about cultural appropriation and inappropriate costumes.

He said, “Some of the party hosts who knew about and/or attended these educational efforts, chose to willfully ignore the message.”

“We’ve had so much going on on campus recently about cultural appropriation, a lot of talks by professors,” said More. “I think they definitely should have known it was a bad move.”