Someone somewhere is writing a list of things you can never wear, say, or do without being offensive. Eventually, everything will be on that list.

Jennifer Kabbany at The College Fix has the story:

University of Minnesota apologizes for Fiesta-themed student bowling party

The University of Minnesota has apologized for a “Galactic Fiesta” bowling party organized by the Office for Student Affairs at which partygoers and the school’s Goldy Gopher mascot donned ponchos and sombreros.

Administrators called it disrespectful, and forced the students who participated to undergo training to learn “about stereotypes, disrespectful appropriations, and the political complexities of representation.”

We here at The College Fix are not surprised by this ridiculous turn of events. Chronicling extreme overreactions by the campus political correctness police over Mexican-themed parties is something of a hobby for us:

A sorority at California State University Fullerton was reprimanded earlier this year because it hosted a Taco Tuesday event where students wore “culturally insensitive attire” such as sombreros;

Pi Beta Phi sororities’ all-you-can-eat “Pi Phiesta” taco bar fundraisers at their respective campuses to raise money for charity are deemed racist and culturally insensitive.