This young woman is 21, a legal adult. What a crazy turn of events.

Allahpundit of Hot Air reported.

New Jersey judge orders parents to pay estranged 21-year-old daughter’s college tuition

Alternate headline: “America discovers new reason why no one should live in New Jersey.” If you’re feeling deja vu right now, there’s a reason: The case of Caitlyn Ricci is bizarrely similar to the case of Rachel Canning that made waves online earlier this year, after Canning moved out of the family home and sued mom and dad for child support(!) to pay her high-school tuition. The Cannings are also Jerseyites; court precedents in the state have broadly held that parents are on the hook for their kids’ schooling when the family has fractured.

The novelty in the Canning case was that it was the child herself who was suing mom and dad rather than mom and dad suing each other — and not just any child but a child who had, allegedly, disobeyed her parents repeatedly and even moved out of the house. That case ended with a ruling for the parents. Rachel moved back in with them shortly afterward and later ended up needing a restraining order against the boyfriend whom mom and dad had demanded earlier that she stop seeing.