Feminists at DePaul University say that the male-led ‘Consent the D’ campaign was “flippant” and “triggered victims and survivors of sexual violence.”

Greg Piper at The College Fix has the story:

Lesson for bros who want to promote affirmative consent: Don’t make T-shirts

A male-led campaign to promote affirmative consent for sex at DePaul University – which is nominally Catholic but runs a “Queer Peers” mentorship program – has thrown in the towel.

Or rather, the T-shirt.

Selling shirts emblazoned with “Consent the D” – a play on the school’s basketball slogan “Fear the D” (the Demons mascot) that was widely interpreted as “dick” – came off as “flippant” to campus feminists, who didn’t take kindly to an alternative approach to their signature issue, Jezebel says:

“Unfortunately, the ‘Consent the D’ movement was cut short by forces outside of my control,” founder Randy Vollrath said in a video message posted Tuesday. “T-shirt production has been halted while we work to address the issue.”

Vollrath said he appreciates that people didn’t like the T-shirts but objects to their disagreement being”misinformed” about the group’s intentions.