One Fresno State student just couldn’t handle the stress of exams, and just needed an outlet. Unfortunately, that outlet turned out to be a nearby sheep.

Dave Huber of the College Fix cites this report by Erik Rosales at KMPH Fox 26:

Fresno State Student Arrested For Having Sex With Sheep

Fresno State University police confirm to KMPH Fox 26 News last Tuesday a man was arrested on campus accused of bestiality.

Police say the 5th year computer engineering student was arrested for having sex with a sheep.

According to the police report, University officers were called to the Sheep Unit on campus. Inside the living quarters was a female student who startled after she heard a knock at the door.

She called police.

When University officers arrived they found a man with his pants down on top of one of the sheep.

Officers say it appeared the man was having sex with the sheep.