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Teacher’s aide arrested for bringing meth pipe and brass knuckles onto campus

An employee in the South San Independent School District lands behind bars.

Police say 32-year-old Jacob Contreras brought brass knuckles and a meth pipe onto an elementary school campus.

He worked at Frank Madla Elementary School for one year. The district says he was not a teacher but did work with children.

“He was in the redirect program,” district spokesperson Ed Suarez says. “It’s a program where you have students who may discipline issues. You put them in there to redirect their behavior and kind of get them right before you put them back in class.”

Suarez says earlier this week, school police got a tip that Contreras may have brought brass knuckles to school. The district says officers found the weapon in his backpack along with a pipe containing meth.

Contreras was arrested and resigned his position at Madla Elementary. Parents say they’re just now learning about the incident.

“He came with knuckles to school? I would want to know why he would do that,” mother Laura Garcia says.