More importantly, shouldn’t there be a class on how to get a date in the first place?

Maggie Lit reports for Campus Reform:

Public university offers ‘breakup training’

A SUNY school is teaching students how to properly end a relationship as part of an initiative begun this year in response to increased Title IX reports dealings with post-breakup harassment.

SUNY Delhi implemented the training at this year’s freshmen orientation but says it will continue to offer workshops concerning the issue of healthy relationships throughout the year, according to New York Magazine.

“We felt we needed more of a focus specifically on how to end a relationship because people need to know a fair amount about the importance of communication and mutual respect,” Lori Osterhoudt, campus director of counseling and health services, told the magazine.

The trainings are designed to provide effective and kind ways to breakup with someone that enables both parties to walk away peacefully.