The student who caused the scare said she did it to avoid being dropped from a class. That’s right kids, “I’ve got Ebola” is officially the new “My dog ate my homework.”

R. Stickney and Andie Adams of NBC San Diego Report:

Southwestern College Student Recants Story After Evacuation

A Southern California community college evacuated part of its campus after a student told an instructor she and her family had been quarantined for possible exposure to Ebola — a story she made up so she would not be dropped for missing class, school officials say.

Students at Southwestern College in Chula Vista were evacuated Thursday morning after the student contacted her instructor to report why she had been absent. She told her professor she wasn’t feeling well and her sister was hospitalized after a trip to the Midwest.

As a precaution, school officials shut down one building and sent a safety alert via text to all students and staff, according to Public Information Officer Lillian Leopold.

The student was isolated, and about 50 other students and two faculty members were kept inside the building as the San Diego County Department of Health and Human Services was notified.

Students Evacuated From Southwestern BuildingStudents Evacuated From Southwestern Building
Officials quickly brought in a school nurse to evaluate the student.

“Our campus nurse has thoroughly examined the student, and there is no expectation of Ebola,” Leopold said.

After the student was found to have no infectious disease, she recanted her story and admitted no one in her family has been in the hospital. The Associated Press reported that she made up the story so she would not be dropped because of her absence.