It’s not enough that these folks don’t want to hear what George Will has to say. They want to prevent everyone else from hearing what he has to say too.

Katie Webster of the College Fix reported.

Raucous protesters choke entrance at George Will’s Miami University speech

Hoisting signs such as “Quit giving misogyny a voice Miami” and “Where is my special privilege Mr. Will?” roughly 75 students choked the business school gates where conservative columnist George Will gave a guest lecture Wednesday night at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

As guests headed into the campus area to hear the talk, part of the Anderson Distinguished Lecture Series, protesters handed out rape and sexual assault information sheets to passersbys while repeatedly chanting slogans such as “No means no, whatever we wear, wherever we go, yes means yes” and “nothing less than yes.”

The protest was right in front of the business school gates, so anyone entering through the front gates to attend the event had to walk through the crowd and endure a barrage of chants and information sheets.

Other signs touted taglines like “Rape is a violent crime, not a partisan opinion” and “survivors of rape deserve love and honor.”

Yet the protest apparently did not deter an enormously varied crowd from packing the 400-seat venue where Will, a Pulitzer-prize winner with The Washington Post, spoke. Students, faculty and Oxford community members were there to listen about the night’s topic, the political argument today.

By 3:30 p.m., Miami University students were lined up outside of the Farmer School of Business for a wristband into the 5:30 p.m. lecture. The purpose of this lecture series, according to the business school’s website, is “to expose students and faculty to opinion leaders whose ideas will impact business and society.”

But a large contingent of students and faculty did not agree with a “controversial” column by Will published June 6 that the alleged epidemic of campus rape is overstated and hurting due process rights for the accused.