They also claimed that they’re all about “addressing systemic problems people face regardless of race.”

Wesley Lowery and Arelis R. Hernández of the Washington Post reported.

In ‘Moral Monday,’ activists protest Brown shooting with acts of civil disobedience

Chanting “hands up, don’t shoot,” marchers headed toward St. Louis University. University security and police officers tried to stop the protest from entering the campus.

“I am a student, I have my ID, and I have a lot of guests,” a protest leader said into the megaphone.

The security officers stepped aside and the crowd kept moving. Participants then gathered at the campus center chanting “out of the dorms and into the streets” as students rushed out of buildings. Some joined the protesters, others took photos and others brought out bottles of water.

“This let me know that my son was loved and he is still being loved, right now,” said Vonderitt Myers Sr., whose son was shot and killed by a police officer earlier this month. Police said that Myers, 18, fired shots at the officer and that a gun was recovered from the scene. Family members insist Myers was unarmed.

Myers’ family marched at the front of the protest and demonstrators observed four minutes of silence in his honor.

Lesley McSpadden, the mother of Michael Brown, marched with protesters in Ferguson on Saturday, where protesters also observed a four-minute silence, a reference to the more than four hours that Brown’s body was on the street.

On SLU’s campus Monday morning, protest leaders addressed the crowd. They said their demonstration was about ending white supremacy and addressing systemic problems people face regardless of race.