This happened because the professor didn’t like the fact that the student was making a video of a forum at a public university. Here’s the video.

From Taylor Egly of Campus Reform.

Prof. tells son of Syrian immigrants that he’s ‘exerting’ his ‘white privilege’

LGBTQ activist and guest speaker at Minnesota State University Mankato (MNSU) accused a public forum attendee of exerting white privilege for filming the university event.

On Monday, October 6th, MNSU Mankato held an event to show The New Black, a documentary “that tells the story of how the African-American community is grappling with the LGBTQ rights issue in light of the recent marriage equality movement and the fight over civil rights.”

“The film documents activists, families and clergy on both sides of the campaign to legalize gay marriage and examines homophobia in the black community’s institutional pillar—the black church and reveals the Christian right wing’s strategy of exploiting this phenomenon in order to pursue an anti-gay political agenda,” according to the film’s website.