History professor Emerson McMullen of Georgia Southern University is being accused of pushing his creationist and Christian religious views on students, often awarding extra credit to students whose views agree with his own. Notable atheist Richard Dawkins is leading the calls for an investigation into the professor’s academic conduct.

This type of thing is abhorrent, but where is the outcry when nearly every liberal professor tries to push his or her political or anti-religious views on students?

Freedom From Religion Foundation, Richard Dawkins, And Jerry Coyne Demand Georgia University Investigate Creationist Professor

A creationist professor at Georgia Southern University is the subject of a protest, and a call for investigation, by the Freedom from Religion Foundation, evolutionary biologist and prominent atheist Richard Dawkins, and biology professor and author Jerry Coyne. All three entities are known for speaking out against promotion of creationism.

In a press release Thursday, the three entities announced that they have called for the university to investigate the practices of Professor Emerson McMullen. According to student complaints, the professor uses his position to promote his on religious views to students.

McMullen is a professor of history, teaching courses that include Dinosaurs and Extinction, and The Scientific Revolution.