Here is one of the fundamental problems in higher education today. Too many students don’t understand that the college experience is supposed to challenge their views.

Jennifer Kabbany of the College Fix reported.

Yale Student: Conservative Club Problematic Because It Makes Campus ‘Uncomfortable’ For Muslims, Gays

I don’t know a great deal about Yale University student Helen Price other than what her Twitter profile says: “Yale student, leftie, Berliner, Brit, blogger … My Marxist feminist dialectic brings all the boys to the yard.”

But what I can tell you about Ms. Price is that a comment she gave to The Yale Daily News this week about the school’s 3-year-old William F. Buckley, Jr. Program is one of the most short-sighted, asinine and chilling statements I’ve read all week from an Ivy Leaguer, and trust me, they’ve said a lot of dumb stuff this week.

The article in which Price is quoted is a feature on the Buckley program, which strives to promote intellectual diversity on campus and brings in a variety of speakers to that end.

Helen Price ’18 said that although she appreciates the effort the program makes to promote intellectual diversity, in practice such an effort can be problematic.

“When you invite very conservative speakers here who perhaps have controversial views on Islam or homosexuality, you essentially make Yale a very uncomfortable place for a large percentage of the people here on campus, and everyone should feel at home at college,” Price said.

Where does it say in the Declaration of Independence that one of America’s unalienable Rights is not getting your feelings hurt or your beliefs challenged at university? Welcome to America, Ms. Price – the land of the free.

And what about the conservative students running this club? Certainly they’ve had to suffer with feeling “uncomfortable” as their beliefs and views are ridiculed, bashed and slandered by peers and professors alike.

Yale is not exactly a comfortable place for students who, for example, are prolife. Just five months ago I was writing about how Yale student leaders refused to provide any support to a student pro-life club there. Indeed, won’t even give the prolifers official recognition in the name of “reproductive freedom.”

This despite the fact that the Yale student leaders have $800,000 at their disposal and dole that cash out to groups that tackle a variety of service projects and social justice causes, including tutoring, homeless outreach, environmentalism, homosexual advocacy, Palestinian statehood and more.

The William F. Buckley, Jr. Program is sorely needed at Yale, because it’s clear only one ideology dominates and controls the New Haven campus, and its students deserve a well-rounded education.