Our friend Hans Bader has an enlightening new piece at Liberty Unyielding.

White House’s college rape awareness campaign promotes legal myths

Echoing the “War on Women” meme it used in the 2012 election, the Obama administration today announced the start of a poorly-conceived campus rape awareness campaign. Unfortunately, its flaws mean it will do nothing to reduce rape rates or increase rape prosecution rates. The campaign is being coordinated with groups like the Center for American Progress that routinely get the law wrong about sexual assault, and label as rape a lot of consensual sex that is legal under state and federal law.

As Reason Magazine’s Elizabeth Nolan Brown writes,

More “campus rape crisis” weirdness came from the White House today, where President Obama and Vice President Biden announced the launch of a new initiative called “It’s on Us”. The campaign will feature celebrity-studded public service announcements . . .and promotions from the likes of MTV, BET, and video-game company Electronic Arts. . .The White House doesn’t actually have to impact rape rates or rape prosecution rates or anything tangible, because that’s not how it has defined the problem. Its central concern is raising awareness about rape on college campus, a goal both amorphous and measurable in Facebook likes.