Preferred pronouns, white privilege, Vassar has it all.

Jennifer Kabbany of the College Fix reports.

Men’s Rights Advocate Outs Wacky Vassar College Freshman Orientation On Reddit

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on at freshmen orientation sessions at small liberal arts colleges, then a recent post on Reddit will give you some insights.

One of the top posts on the site’s MensRights subreddit on Sunday included a detailed account of recent get-to-know-you events at Vassar College, an elite college with 2,450 students about 75 miles north of New York City that has a reputation as a petri dish for leftist radicalism.

While Reddit is anonymous, the description offered by “BrOf1st”  is not only articulate and completely plausible, given everything we know about colleges nowadays, it also included two pictures he took from the events that bolster his claims.

Here’s a highlight reel from his post, and nothing on it will surprise you if you follow liberal campus trends:

The first day I was on campus, I had to meet with my student fellow group. We had to go around a small circle and introduce ourselves, with things such as our name, our major, and where we are from: typical things. But we were also forced to say our preferred pronouns. In fact, when any student speaker introduced themselves (or should I say “xerselves”) they said their preferred pronouns.

The next night it got worse. Once again, we had to get into a circle. We had to talk about our identities using an identity wheel and afterwards literally “check our privilege:” talk about which parts of our identity give us the most “privilege.” We then made a long walk to a larger gathering space where we were supposed to hear what it was like being part of the college. Instead, a bunch of false rape and wage statistics were yelled at us, strangely enough telling me more about the campus than any formal meeting could. …

We later had to attend the college’s version of the sexual assault presentation. … While in the last presentation, they concluded about 6% of men are rapists, this one said that was a very small number and that all men contribute to “rape culture.” We were presented with a “rape culture” pyramid which showed that things such as “jokes” and “traditional gender roles” support things high up in the pyramid, like rape and murder. (Maybe if we just close down Comedy Central we will have an end to murder) The presenter also said things such as “Asking a pregnant mother if her child is a boy or girl, is violent since we don’t yet know its gender.” Yes, violent.