What’s going on? First the flyers at Cornell, now this?

From HuffPo:

University Of Chicago Activists Post List Of Men Who Have Shown ‘Troubling Behavior’

Students at the University of Chicago are circulating a list of men who have shown “troubling behavior towards romantic or sexual partners,” according to the group behind the effort.

The list was posted in restrooms and in the hallways of the Harper Memorial Library, according to the students who created it. A photo of the “Hyde Park List,” a reference to the university’s location, began circulating online Monday among sexual assault and feminist activist circles.

A similar list popped up in the spring at Columbia University, naming men on campus who had allegedly sexually assaulted other students. One appeared at Brown University two decades earlier.

Unlike the lists at Brown and Columbia, the printed list at the University of Chicago refers to a Tumblr page, which contained additional details, including descriptions like, “Often at fraternity parties.” The Tumblr list was reported for harassment and was taken down Sunday. It returned online late Tuesday, and was taken down again Wednesday afternoon.