College Insurrection contributor Hans Bader has written a new piece for Liberty Unyielding. It seems UNC is getting a little nosy about the student body and not giving all the facts.

UNC meddles in students’ romantic lives while misstating what consent is

Rigid “consent” requirements are for legally-binding contracts, not casual interaction among intimates. When my wife and daughter hug me, they don’t ask for my permission first. Nor do I give my formal “consent” or “agree” to a hug in advance. It’s not necessary, because they know without asking that such contact is very likely to be welcome. It’s simple common sense.

Such simple common sense is absent at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which defines consent to exclude common signs of consent in romantic relationships. UNC now seemingly defines as “sexual assault” all “sexual contact” – which it defines breathtakingly broadly to include kissing or merely touching someone’s body – that occurs without “clear” “communication” of “affirmative” “consent” to “agreed upon forms of Sexual Contact.” It defines “sexual contact” as any “intentional touching or penetration of another person’s clothed or unclothed body, including but not limited to the mouth, neck, buttocks, anus, genitalia, or breast . . . in a sexual manner.”

It then defines “consent” narrowly as “the communication of an affirmative, conscious and freely -made decision by each participant to engage in agreed upon forms of Sexual Contact. Consent requires an outward Demonstration , through understandable words or actions, that conveys a clear willingness to engage in Sexual Contact. . .Consent is not to be inferred from an existing or previous dating or sexual relationship. Even in the context of a relationship, there must be mutual Consent to engage in Sexual Contact. Consent to one form of Sexual Contact does not constitute Consent to any other form of Sexual Contact.”