I guess Alec Baldwin is old hat now.

Kasey Marie Shores at The College Fix has the story:

University Cancels Alec Baldwin Appearance Due to Poor Ticket Sales

TUCSON, Ariz.  – An upcoming appearance by actor Alec Baldwin at the University of Arizona has been cancelled because of poor ticket sales, a campus official tells The College Fix.

The event, “A Conversation with Alec Baldwin,” was advertised as a way to “spend an evening with one of the most interesting men in America,” with tickets starting at $40. It had been booked since April and was slated for Nov. 15.

The appearance was scrapped after lackluster ticket sales “and no other factors” said Anne Thwaits, director of marketing and communications for UA Presents.

“(Ticket sales just weren’t) what we were hoping for,” Thwaits said. “We’re really disappointed.”

The appearance was set for the campus’ Centennial Hall, which has about 2,500 seats and has hosted acts such as Seth Meyers, Broadway shows like “Wicked” and “Jersey Boys,” and will hold an event for Jay Leno in October.

Baldwin tickets are no longer for sale, and pre-purchased tickets are being refunded. Thwaits said the number of tickets that had been sold for Baldwin’s appearance was not readily available.