It’s a shame when the term “banned forever” is associated with higher education.

Rick Ritter of CBS News in Baltimore reports.

Tailgating May Be Banned Forever At Towson University

An indefinite ban on student tailgating? Towson University is considering it for home football games. This comes after what university officials call unsafe behavior during tailgating so far this season.

Rick Ritter has the details.

Student tailgating is on for now, but it’s a potential ban that is not sitting well with many students.

Chaotic partying and excessive drinking—this is the tailgating scene at Towson University.

It’s a scene the university says has spiraled out of control.

“Uncooperative, hostile, students standing on the roof of their car,” said University Spokesperson Marina Cooper.

And a potential ban that’s quickly turned into the talk of the campus.

“I was in math class yesterday and this kid next to me was like, `Did you hear they’re banning tailgates?’” said Kevin Francis.

On Wednesday, university officials met for hours and announced they’re implementing new safety rules for student tailgating at Towson home football games.

“It’s upsetting because it’s part of the college culture,” said junior Brandon Slade.

If students don’t abide, it could lead to a potential ban of student tailgating indefinitely.

“It’s basically a lot of college kids just hanging around, doing what college kids do,” Francis said.

“Any privilege on this campus is just that: a privilege,” Cooper said.