Here’s a little humor to help you get through Monday afternoon. The Onion has come up with some clever ways for students to tackle the high cost of college.

Tips For Paying For College

While many students take out federal or private loans to pay for college, the costs of tuition, fees, and room and board still leave many people struggling to finance their education. Here are some tips for paying for college and graduating debt-free:

  • The internet has a variety of online resources that let you know which grants, scholarships, and loans you don’t qualify for.
  • Consider taking that record deal, even if it does mean compromising the band’s signature sound.
  • Ask your financial aid counselor questions until you start getting answers you like.
  • Try to talk your college down from its original asking price.
  • Look for unnecessary expenses that can be cut, such as paying $160,000 for a piece of paper saying you studied comparative literature.
  • Avoid inflated tuition prices by attending college during off-peak season.
  • Cut costs in half by splitting your education with a buddy.
  • If a four-year university doesn’t seem like the right investment for you, consider enrolling in a trade school, whatever that is.
  • Don’t forget about that $535 your parents have saved for your education.

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