I’m just going to list them here. If you’re interested in reading about them, check out the Daily Caller’s original post.

The Daily Caller Presents: The Ivy League’s 13 Most Daffy, Outrageously Liberal College Courses

Brown University, American Studies Department: “My Body, My Choice”?: Reproductive Politics in the U.S. since Roe v. Wade

Harvard University, Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality: Friends with Benefits?

University of Pennsylvania, Religious Studies: The Feminist Critique of Christianity

Harvard University, Freshmen Seminars: Public Policy Approaches to Global Climate Change

Brown University, American Studies: Crises in American Capitalism

Brown University, Philosophy Department: Marxism after Marx

Harvard University, Government Department: Inequality and American Democracy

Princeton University, Economics Department: Economic Inequality and the Role of the Government

Princeton University, American Studies: Public Policy in the American Racial State

Dartmouth College, Lesbian, Gay, BiSexual, and Transgender Studies: Queer Marriage, Hate Crimes, and Will and Grace: Contemporary Issues in LBGT Studies

Dartmouth College, Women and Gender Studies: Hand to Mouth: Writing, Eating, and the Construction of Gender

Brown University, Environmental Science: Humans, Nature, and the Environment: Addressing Environmental Change in the 21st Century

University of Pennsylvania, Sociology Department: Sociology of Gender