I wrote this up last night for the Cornell Review, a student conservative and libertarian newspaper. We’re trying to get this going viral. Please read and share either this link or the original one, here.

Conservative Columnist for Cornell Newspaper Personally Attacked in Anonymously Distributed Flyers

In several locations across campus, students have reported finding anonymously distributed and written flyers personally attacking a conservative columnist for Cornell’s student newspaper, the Cornell Daily Sun.

The flyers describe the conservative student writers as a “Racist Rape Apologist” and include his name and picture.

The student in the flyers, Julius Kairey, is a senior who writes a bi-weekly column called “Always Right,” and is the Sun’s only vocal conservative on staff. Kairey is unaffiliated with The Cornell Review.

The picture above was taken from a screenshot of the public Facebook group “Overheard at Cornell,” which normally features humorous quotes or conversations allegedly heard on campus. The student who uploaded the picture did so at about midday Thursday and told The Cornell Review that he saw about seven of the posters scattered on a sidewalk in Cornell’s North Campus, where all freshman housing is located.