It’s hard to see how Princeton justifies this. I mean, if the guy has a prescription…

Mike Davis of the Times of Trenton reports.

Princeton University to employee: Give up medical marijuana or lose job

A former Libertarian candidate for the state Senate says his employer, Princeton University, has told him must choose between keeping his job or participating in New Jersey’s medical marijuana program.

“They’re basically backing me into a corner and asking me to choose between my livelihood and your health,” Dom DeZarn, said today while staging a one-man protest on Princeton’s campus.

Princeton University spokesman Mike Caddell declined to comment on the situation, as it is a personnel matter.

DeZarn, who is a senior operations manager in the campus dining department, said he will meet with university human resources employees next week about the ultimatum, which came as a surprise considering his state Senate campaign in New Jersey’s 14th District focused on legalization of marijuana and he’s been twice arrested promoting the cause.

DeZarn is running as the Legalize Marijuana Party’s candidate in the 12th Congressional District this year, as well.

The university has never registered a complaint about DeZarn’s marijuana use during his 18-year career there, DeZarn said. At times, senior administrators even praised him for his dogged support of a hot-button topic, he said.