Who knew group think could send so many people to the hospital?

M Live reported.

‘Group think’ may have landed 55 Olivet College students in the hospital

Most of the 55 Olivet College students sent to a Charlotte hospital earlier this week have been diagnosed as being just fine, according to media reports.

Only three who landed at Hayes Green Beach Hospital were diagnosed as being ill, with dehydration or a stomach illness.

As a precaution, Olivet College closed Blair Hall dormitory after many of its residents reported headaches and vomiting. The fear was that the dorm may have high levels of carbon monoxide, MLive media partner WLNS-TV reported earlier this week.

But monitoring by the Olivet Fire Department didn’t turn up high levels. Blair Hall has since reopened.

So how could 52 perfectly healthy students end up in the hospital?

WOOD-TV talked to psychologist Dr. Rebecca Klott, who said it could be due to “group think.”

“What you’re describing is a mass hysteria or a mass reaction,” Dr. Klott said. “Our mind can create for us all kinds of symptoms. We can start to talk to ourselves about having a headache and all of a sudden we’re like you know what my eye does feel a little bit of pain there. And then all of a sudden more and more symptoms show up.”

But it may be simpler than that: Some students may have just wanted to skip class.