Catholic schools sure have changed over the years, haven’t they?

Katherine Timpf reports at National Review.

Catholic University Program Will Ask High-School Kids to Question Their Genders

The University of Notre Dame will host a “Gender and Culture in American Society” program for high-school students next summer, which will ask them to explain how they know for sure whether they are male or female.

“Are you male or female? How do you know?” asks a description of the program on the school’s official website. “When you were a baby, did your parents dress you in pink or blue? Who dressed you, fed you, changed your diapers – your mother or father?”

The program will also ask students what disadvantages there are to traditional gender roles.

The program promises to give the teenagers an “understanding of current theoretical explanations of gender, including femininity, masculinity, sexualities, patriarchy, and feminism.”

On its official website, Notre Dame defines itself as “an independent, national Catholic research university.”