Facebook is the most effective social media platform in getting young people to vote, according to a University of Sydney study entitled The Civil Network.

From Business Standard:

Facebook most effective in engaging young people in politics

An increase in social media use leads to more political participation by young people, with Facebook being the most effective channel, a new study has found.

The study surveyed 3,600 young people, aged between 16-29 years, across Australia, the UK and the US, 90 per cent of whom use Facebook as opposed to Twitter use which was on average 50 per cent.

And 65 per cent of the Australian participants in the survey also highlighted that Facebook is where they first hear about news and major events, rather than traditional news outlets such as print and television news programmes.

“Our research suggests that we need to take Facebook much more seriously as a space where young people – purposefully or incidentally – engage with politics, with their networks of friends and family,” said Associate Professor Ariadne Vromen from the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney.