No negative cheering will be allowed.

Al Weaver of the Daily Caller reports.

New England Liberal Arts Colleges Allow ONLY Positive Cheering At Games, Thinks Their Fans Have No Self-Control

A letter is circulating on behalf of the NESCAC Men’s soccer coaches to parents of student-athletes, saying the conference will only allow ‘positive’ cheering from fans, furthering the wussification of sports in America.

The NESCAC (New England Small Colleges Athletic Conference) is comprised of schools such as Williams, Amherst, Tufts and Middlebury.

According to the email, NESCAC coaches ask that fans refrain from any ‘action that could potentially be construed as negative or confrontational,’ including booing and holding up signs that ‘could be interpreted as offensive in nature.’

What’s next? Surely, NESCAC will be asking their athletes in the near future to refrain from showing emotion while on the field of play.

Perhaps a ‘must play rule’ should be implemented, or eliminating rivalries from the conference completely.

Smiling must also be a staple of the NESCAC athletic foundation. Look out players and fans, if you frown, you could be tossed Bobby Cox style. Not having fun because you are losing by four goals? Put a smile on!

They must think negative political ads are the bane of America’s existence.

Treat your fans and student-athletes like their 10-year-old children some more, NESCAC. I’m sure they greatly appreciate it.