Who looks at a lesson plan like this and thinks it sounds reasonable?

Eric Owens of the Daily Caller reported.

Sixth Graders Asked To Compare Bush And Hitler In Homework Assignment

A sixth-grade teacher at a Washington, D.C. public school will apologize to students but otherwise is receiving no punishment whatsoever for sending students home with an assignment this week instructing them to use a Venn diagram to compare former President George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler.

The teacher is employed at McKinley Tech Middle School, a taxpayer-funded school in the Northeast quadrant of the nation’s capital, NBC Washington reports.

The Washington Times obtained a copy of the assignment, which innovatively melds together the Holocaust and the Iraq war.

“Now that we have read about two men of power who abused their power in various ways, we will compare and contrast them and their actions,” the directions explain. “Please refer to your texts, ‘Fighting Hitler — A Holocaust Story’ and ‘Bush: Iraq War Justified Despite No WMD’ to compare and contrast former President George W. Bush and Hitler. We will use this in class tomorrow for an activity!”

As is typical when public school teachers do the next outrageous and unbelievable thing, officials at McKinley Tech Middle School have refused to name the teacher.