Aren’t those kind of invasive questions?

Jennifer Kabbany of the College Fix reports.

Duke Adds Essay To Application For Details on Preferred Gender, Sexual Proclivities

Long gone are the days when you simply checked the box marking either male or female on college applications.

In today’s world, where sexual desires trump biology and humans are defined by the sexual orientation, it’s not surprising that an elite university would give prospective students a whole essay writing prompt to explain and elaborate on their preferred gender(s), and whether they want males or females – or both – to engage in sexual activity with them. Because that is so pertinent on a college application.

“Duke University has joined a small group of colleges that include optional questions about sexual orientation and gender identity on admissions applications,” Inside Higher Ed reports. “But Duke is doing so in a different way from others, with a short essay, rather than boxes to check. And applicants can use the essay to write about identities beyond sexual orientation and gender identity that they want to share with Duke.”

Granted, this is the same college that raised tuition fees to pay for sex-change operations, so are we really that surprised?

Meanwhile, the LGBT acronym is not even enough anymore. Today it’s grown to: LGBTIQQAA – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning, asexual, ally. No wonder a whole essay is needed.