I wonder if these students are using their cell phones to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other products of the free market?

Jennifer Kabbany of the College Fix reports.

Idiot Ivy League Students Blame Capitalism For ‘Countless Wars, Endless Poverty’

Columbia University student radicals published an activist manifesto for the new school year that declared capitalism is “responsible for countless wars, endless poverty, and mass exploitation and oppression for the sake of profit.”

The manifesto goes on to note that capitalism ultimately establishes and encourages “racist, sexist, classist and homophobic conditions.”

But it’s communism/socialism that is responsible for countless deaths – 100 million murdered and counting!

And endless poverty? Have they checked out Venezuela lately – depleted of its resources and suffering from a stagnant economy, horrific crime, and extreme poverty thanks to its embrace of socialism.

And don’t get me started on that mass exploitation and oppression bit. To suggest socialism is less exploitative and oppressive than capitalism is to ignore history and shun reality.

But this idiocy isn’t just at the Ivy League schools. An event tonight at the University of Texas aims to recruit students to the International Socialist Organization.

“Capitalism has failed humanity,” the invite states. “It is a system based on profit rather than human need, and time and time again, this has led to war, poverty, racism, and environmental catastrophe.”

“Socialism is the alternative, and the International Socialist Organization is committed to fighting for that,” it adds. “Every poll on the subject shows that a majority of young people are in favor of this alternative. We have the chance to send capitalism and all its destruction into the annals of history.”

If only we could brush this off as youthful ignorance. But no, these students are pushing an agenda that could destroy the country, and it’s promulgated by their leftist professors first and foremost.

A professor at the most recent and infamous White Privilege Conference declared that capitalism causes racism and she wants to see a revolution. And a survey last year by The College Fix of 31 public and private universities across the nation found that the subject of capitalism is often either maligned, ignored, or taught from a perspective other than objective economics.