The mainstream media has neglected to report this story. I wonder why.

We covered this in detail at Legal Insurrection, Why is the Brendan Tevlin murder so underreported?

Michael Cipriano of the College Fix further reports.

REPORTS: College Student, 19, Murdered in New Jersey by Domestic Terrorism Jihadist

Brendan Tevlin was a good kid, a 19-year-old New Jersey college student “who would always do the right thing,” his heartbroken mother told Fox News recently.

She’s heartbroken because her son is dead, gunned down by a man reportedly waging Jihad against Americans in retribution for Islamic lives lost in the Middle East.

Allison Tevlin told Greta Van Susteren learning of her son’s death was a mother’s worst nightmare, that she had hoped when she saw police officers at her door at 4 in the morning they would just say he’d had an accident or something, that he was in the hospital.

“And I just could see on his face when I think I grabbed him and said, oh, no. No. Not Brendan,” she recalled. “And he said, yeah, it’s Brendan. And he was murdered. Murdered? In New Jersey? I guess – and then kind of turns into a big blur because they were on their mission to find out what was going on.”

That was in June, and authorities have since put the puzzle pieces together.

Court documents state Seattle resident Ali Muhammad Brown, 29, shot 19-year-old University of Richmond sophomore Brendan Tevlin eight times on June 25 while the student sat at a red light in West Orange, N.J.

According to CNN, Brown told police that: “My mission is vengeance for the lives, millions of lives are lost every day. Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, all these places where innocent lives with being taken every single day. So, a life for a life.”

Brown also reportedly confessed to murdering three other people in Washington state earlier this year as part of his cause for “vengeance,” according to records from the Superior Court of Washington for King County.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray released a statement in August announcing murder charges filed against Brown while condemning his actions.

“Ali Muhammad Brown took the lives of three members of our community, and, with these charges, he will face justice,” the statement reads.

“The charging documents reveal disturbing details about Brown’s motive for committing these murders, which appears to have based on anti-American sentiment and an extreme interpretation of the Muslim faith.”