The authors of an editorial which claimed that ‘flesh-colored’ bras were an example of racism are now pleading with the internet to stop making fun of them. No word yet on whether the internet will accept a truce.

Greg Piper at the College Fix has the story:

Stop Saying We Think Bras Are Racist, College Editorial Pleads

The College Fix gets results: After we highlighted a staff editorial from the University of Oklahoma’s Daily that said “flesh-colored” (or “pale peach”) bras were a “subtle” example of racism and white privilege, other outlets picked up on the editorial, including the Fox News show Red Eye.

Now the editorial board is pleading with the Internet to stop making it a laughingstock of the Internet:

And now our Twitter account is getting tagged in posts suggesting other items and actions that our editorial board might think are racist. …

Just to be clear, we never declared bras are racist because they come in colors named “nude,” and in no way did we say the color of your bra might make you a racist. …

But since the Internet makes it so easy for content to be copied, pasted and altered at the speed of lightning, we want to use this instance to encourage readers to look at content in its original form before basing their opinions on an aggregated version.

Good advice! But the editorial writers can’t deny the fact that they said a common shade of bra intended to match the skin color of most purchasers was among the “subtle examples of racism they encounter every day.”

Read the full editorial – which includes many more examples of hecklers – here.