Why is it that concealed carry for college students is controversial and this isn’t?

Emily Le Coz of the Clarion-Ledger reports.

Miss. campuses get military weapons

One hundred state and local law enforcement agencies in Mississippi collectively own 1,354 military-grade items, including two grenade launchers and one mine-resistant-ambush-protected-armored truck that officials say they need to keep the peace.

Most of it belongs to agencies like the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and Jackson Police Department, both of which habitually confront dangerous criminals, but some of the most powerful weapons sit on college campuses.

Hinds Community College, Holmes Community College and Mississippi State University each received several M16 rifles. Hinds also obtained a grenade launcher.

The weapons came through the Department of Defense’s Law Enforcement Support Office program. Also called as the 1033 program, it has offered surplus military equipment to law enforcement since 1997.

Data obtained by The Clarion-Ledger show that Mississippi agencies currently have nearly $4.2 million worth of that equipment in their inventories right now, including nearly $4,700 of it on college campuses.