FOX News is blamed, naturally.

Russell Westerholm of University Herald reports.

Brown University Queer Alliance Cancels ‘Sex Power God’ Party This Year for Fear of Safety

The Queer Alliance (QA) at Brown University has decided to cancel this fall’s “Sex Power God” (SPG) party for becoming unsafe for attendees.

According to the Huffington Post, the annual party is intended to be a social gathering that allows partygoers to express their gender identity freely. The party has become increasingly mired in controversy since Jesse Watters, a correspondent for Fox News, attended in 2005 and filmed the event without permission.

“Our decision takes into account the organizational objectives of the Queer Alliance, the original aims of the party, and ultimately the safety of students on campus,” the QA said in a statement. “A future board may choose to reinstate the party based on their own judgment. Currently, no other student group may use the name or planning strategies to plan an alternative to SPG.”

The SPG party originated at the Providence, R.I. Ivy League school 28 years ago as “just a dance,” as Rebecca Hensler, one of its original organizers, described it in a recent open letter posted to Facebook. The current QA said they felt the party has “continuously deviated from its goals of safe sexual expression” over the last decade.

“The decision [to cancel] was made by students for the safety of students,” Lorin Smith, head chair of the QA, told the HP. “The QA recognized that SPG was no longer serving as [an] affirming space for queer students.”