#FreshFace Jennifer Sullivan, a 23-year old who lives with her parents in Lake County, Florida, defeated her opponent by a six-point margin last week to win a seat in the state’s house of representatives.

From Campus Reform:

Millennial elected to Florida House of Representatives at age 23

Jennifer Sullivan, a 23 year old Republican, was elected into the Florida House of Representatives last week after trouncing her competitor by a six-point margin.

Sullivan, a millennial who lives at home with her parents, is determined to prove that age does not exclude her from fighting for what she believes in.

“It doesn’t take a 40 year business owner to know that big government is bad, little government is good, we need less taxes, less regulations, and we need someone who is going to be a fighter for the people.” Tweet This

“Don’t discriminate against me because of my age,” Sullivan told Campus Reform in an interview. “I may only be 23, but I was able to work harder than anyone else in this race and I was able to do the research I needed to speak intellectually to the issues at hand.”

Sullivan faced adversity from rivals who clung to her age and assumed lack of experience in their campaigns. In a mailer promoting Republican opponent Terri Seefeldt, Mark Zubaly from Southern Campaign Resources Inc. wrote, “[s]tate Representative isn’t an internship or job training course” and “[c]an a 23-year old still living at home truly represent us?”

Despite the harsh criticism, Sullivan is keeping her head high and told Campus Reform that “I won this race knocking on doors, building relationships with individuals, doing more listening than talking, hearing what are their concerns and how can I be an advocate to help them.”