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Total Frat Move reports. Hat tip to Instapundit.

Mizzou Fraternity Accused Of Title IX Violations For Dancing Teletubby

Call me a traditionalist, but when I think sexual harassment, I think of a Don Draper-esque man giving a secretary a congratulatory slap on the behind because she “walked her sweet ass down to the deli and picked up that reuben for me real good, didn’t ya, sugar tits?” Granted, the Grandex HR informational videos are a little outdated–they were produced by Phillip Morris, and at one point, the Marlboro Man makes a cameo seemingly just to share a cigarette with the narrator and casually say some distressing things about the Vietnamese–so my definition of sexual harassment might be sort of narrow here in 2014. Regardless, what I don’t picture when I think of sexual harassment is a dancing Teletubby.

Delta Tau Delta at the University of Missouri didn’t see anything all that wrong with a dancing Teletubby, either, which is why the fraternity was surprised to find out the actions in the video below–which takes place in Greek Town during last week’s sorority recruitment at Mizzou–landed them a meeting with the university’s Title IX coordinator, courtesy of the Greek Life office and the Panhellenic Association.

Here’s a video of the incident.