GOPers might be divided on Common Core, but at least they seem united in their opposition to teacher tenure laws.

From Fox News:

On heels of big lawsuits, teacher tenure looms as a likely 2016 presidential issue

Teacher tenure looms as a likely hot-button issue in the 2016 presidential races, with several potential GOP candidates in clear opposition to the policy and Democrats largely silent as they try to balance calls for reform and much-needed teachers union support.

Former Florida GOP Gov. Jeb Bush, a favorite among the Republican establishment for the White House job, recently voiced his support for a class-action lawsuit in New York against teacher tenure that was filed Monday. Weeks earlier, a California judge, in a similar case, struck down tenure for the state’s public school teachers, ruling in favor of the plaintiffs.

“There will be no equality in education until we transition to a system that prioritizes academic achievement for children over job security for adults,” Bush, chairman of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, said after the New York suit was filed.

The suit essentially challenges the three big concerns about tenure: school districts having to lay off the most senior teachers last, tenure eligibility after only three years and a system that makes firing a teacher nearly impossible.

“When ineffective teachers are allowed to remain in the classroom because of union protections and antiquated laws, it is not only a disservice to students but also to the many wonderful teachers dedicated to excellence in education,” Bush said.