Let’s see how obstructionist Purdue University is going to be in this matter. It really has little to gain by not releasing the video and much to lose if it does not.

Kendall Downing of Fox 59 reports:

Student newspaper files suit against Purdue University

Purdue’s student newspaper is suing the university for access to surveillance video, in a lawsuit backed by the ACLU of Indiana.

The paper, Purdue Exponent, is demanding the school release video from inside the electrical engineering building on January 21st. That’s the day Andrew Boldt was shot and killed by a fellow student.

The video in question reportedly shows a student photographer getting roughed up by police.

Both the paper’s publisher and the photographer involved believe the public has the right to see what went on in that hallway.

The basement classroom inside the Electrical Engineering building has windows still papered in black. The door is locked. It’s the place where a teacher’s assistant 21-year-old Andrew Boldt, lost his life back in January. Police said 23-year-old Cody Cousins, also a Purdue student, shot him.

But it’s a hallway two floors up from that classroom that’s now making headlines.

“We want the public to really be able to see what happened that day when police interacted with our photographer,” said Pat Kuhnle, Publisher & General Manager of the Purdue Exponent.