Professor Julio Pino quotes Fidel Castro in his open letter to “academic friends of Israel.” Fidel Castro. That alone should discredit everything else he writes.

If you’re not outraged enough already, know that Kent State is a public university that benefits from over $137 million in taxpayer funds.

“Professor” Pino, by the way, once had his home raided by the U.S. Secret Service in 2009 for alleged ties to terrorists.

From Daniel Mael at Ohio Watchdog:

Kent State professor explains ‘painful punishment’of Israel by Allah

Kent State University associate professor Julio Pino told Jews and Israel can expect Allah to exact a “painful punishment,” for their disbelief.

Watchdog this week pressed the taxpayer-funded history professor to own up to and elaborate on his open letter to Israeli academics calling for a jihad on Israel, a regime, according to Pino, “that is the spiritual heir to Nazism.”

“Open Letter to Child in Gaza,” provided exclusively to Watchdog, earned Pino an unsigned condemnation posted Aug. 4 on the Kent State University website. You can read the text of the condemnation here.

When asked for further comment on Pino’s open letter, Kent State spokesman Bob Burford told Watchdog, “That is all we have to release at this time.”

Kent State University is a public university that benefits from more than $137 million in state appropriations.