Would you believe she also has a habit of demonizing rich people?

Dave Huber reports at the College Fix.

Chicago Teachers Union Chief: 3 Homes, Over $200K Salary

Karen Lewis, head of the Windy City’s teachers union and possible mayoral opponent to Rahm Emanuel, owns three homes and makes more than $200,000 per year, the Chicago Sun Times reports. Two of the homes are located in Hawaii and the “upscale ‘Harbor Country’ area of southwestern Michigan.”

Lewis has criticized Emanuel as a “a tool of corporate Chicago” and has dubbed him “Mayor 1%.”

The mayor makes $216,200 a year.

That’s about $15,000 more than Lewis made from her two union salaries, according to the most recent union tax filings.

The CTU reported to the Internal Revenue Service that it paid Lewis $136,890, plus $18,687 in “nontaxable benefits,” for the year ending June 30, 2013.

Lewis has a three-bedroom, three-bathroom condominium on the Big Island of Hawaii. Lewis and her husband — a retired Chicago physical education teacher — bought the 1,300-square-foot unit in the Waikoloa Villas in 2011 for $240,000, property records show. It’s a short drive from an oceanfront lined with Fairmont, Hilton and Marriott luxury resorts.

In Chicago, Lewis and her husband live in a condo in Kenwood they bought seven years ago for $405,000.

Four years ago, Lewis vowed not to make more money than the city’s highest-paid teacher. But payroll records show that no teacher earns what she does.

Lewis blames the disparity on the fact that teachers only work thirty-nine weeks, and her salary is based on “the full year.” (Ironically, many teachers, especially vocal union advocates, take umbrage at the claim teachers work “only” during the school year.)