Who says there’s no such thing as the higher ed bubble?

Sam Cohen of FOX 40 reported.

Anthem College Files for Bankruptcy, Rancho Cordova Campus May Close

Students could not attend class Thursday at a college in Rancho Cordova.

Outside Anthem College, students told FOX40 they didn’t know what was going on, but they couldn’t get into their classes Thursday morning.

FOX40 has learned Anthem College filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy recently. Unless the Department of Education approves the sale of nine of Anthem’s colleges to International Education Corporation, they could close Friday.

Anthem College has 14 locations across the country. The Rancho Cordova campus is their only California location.

They released a statement Thursday that reads, in part, “9 of these 14 schools will be closed if we do not receive Department of Education approval for the transaction by Friday, August 29th. This is why we are concurrently working hard to safeguard our students’ education should we be forced to close the schools by actively seeking potential partners who would be willing to participate in an orderly ‘teach out’ or transfer process.”

The Rancho Cordova location is one of the nine that is part of the proposed sale.