There’s a new anti-feminist campaign on the web, and it’s brought to you by young women who know who’s really waging the “War on Women.”

Julianne Stanford at The College Fix has the story:

‘Women Against Feminism’ Explodes On Social Media, Drives Feminists Crazy

The #YesAllWomen campaign has found itself an opponent in the ongoing “war on women,” as the social media campaign Women Against Feminism has risen to prominence in the past few weeks.

The surge in popularity for the campaign, which started about a year ago, apparently came from a BuzzFeed listicle on July 11 that incredulously stated: “‘Women Against Feminism’ is a real thing.”

The campaign’s Facebook page, which dates back to January and has more than 16,000 “likes” as of Monday, said Friday its hashtag #womenagainstfeminism was trending on Twitter “for 3rd straight day” and it received national and international media attention.

Women Against Feminism, whose main presence is an anonymous page on the image-centric blog service Tumblr, started in 2013 as a platform for young women to anonymously speak out and share their reasons for being “anti-feminist.”

The Tumblr page is largely comprised of pictures of female millennials holding up handwritten signs explaining their stance on feminism.

“I do not need or want modern feminism, because it has become confused with misandry which is AS BAD as misogyny,” a submission to the Tumblr page states, “and wherever [sic] I want to do or be in life, I WILL BECOME THROUGH MY OWN HARD WORK.”

The anonymous purveyor of the blog published a lengthy explanation of her grievances against modern feminism last August, stating that the movement “is about socially engineering society to give special privileges to women and special punishments to men. That’s not equality. That’s not respecting genders.”