Anyone who knows anything about hipsters knows that real hipsters would hate a course about hipsters.

Katherine Timpf of Campus Reform reports.

University to offer ‘Demystifying the Hipster’ class

Next semester, Tufts University in Boston will offer a class called “Demystifying the Hipster,” which promises to make students “critics and sociologists of today’s hipster culture.”

“What exactly is (or was) the hipster?” asks the course description on the official college website. “Are hipsters part of a counter-culture, or are they just another marketing niche in the mainstream? How can we tell the difference?”

Students will study literature from 1957 through the present in attempt to answer these questions. They will also study film, fashion, music, the “history of the hipster,” and “develop their own canon of hipster art.”

“Demystifying the Hipster” is a one-credit course offered through the school’s “Experimental College.”