The irony in this story is off the charts.

The College Fix reports.

Student Selling Handwritten Letter From Obama to Pay For College Tuition

Page Six of The New York Post has this awesome little tidbit:

A formerly homeless student who wrote a letter to President Obama to share his story and get some advice is selling a handwritten response to pay off his tuition.

Jesse Grainger wrote, “As a child I had big dreams of going to college and doing great things . . . I came from a small town where most people were poor, especially my mother and me. My mom adopted me when I was one day old. She raised me to believe that education was the most important thing that I could ever get. My adopted mom died when I was 13.”

… Obama wrote back in 2011: “Thanks for your letter and your inspirational story. The best advice I can give you right now is finish your education.”

Three years later, Grainger’s selling the response for $9,500 through Moments in Time to use for tuition.

Hope and change, meet the real world.