It’s gotten to the point where the easier question to ask is: What isn’t an example of White Privilege?

Christopher White of the College Fix reports.

Prof Denounces Proposal to Ban Drinking Alcohol in Park, Calls it ‘White Privilege’

COLUMBIA, MO – A black University of Missouri professor has described a proposal by a white councilwoman to ban alcohol consumption in a public park located within a predominately black neighborhood she represents as an example of “white privilege.”

“White people can drink. Young white people can drink, but blacks can’t handle the consequences of their drinking,” wrote Carl W. Kenney, an adjunct journalism professor and award-winning freelance writer, on his personal blog Friday in a post headlined: “White privilege in Columbia, MO asserts black people can’t drink.”

“When black people do it, the result is a public health issue,” he wrote. “The white liberals have to rescue black people from destroying themselves before it is too late.”

At issue is a recent proposal by Councilwoman Ginny Chadwick to prohibit alcohol consumption at Douglass Park, a 4.9-acre public park that includes softball fields, basketball courts, horseshoe pits, picnic areas and playgrounds, among other amenities.

“When a public park is perpetually being used for alcohol consumption, I begin to question if our goal is being met to create vibrant outdoor spaces for our citizens,” Chadwick told the Columbia Daily Tribune.

“Chadwick said her concerns extend past Douglass Park, which sits just north of Douglass High School in a predominately black neighborhood,” the Tribune reported. “She said she would like to look into policies to curb alcohol use in all city parks, but the issue of drinking in Douglass Park was heightened for her because the park is near her residence.”

Chadwick is also an MU graduate student, and the park is located less than a mile from the campus.

“We need easily enforceable ordinances in parks where there is continual unhealthy behavior,” Chadwick told the Tribune.